“By supporting spatial processes with good data and the newest information technology, you can reach concrete solutions. Realistic and executable.

The connecting power of location
The efficient organisation of the “last mile” in the distribution process, a geo-tool that supports the energy transition, or a complete system to make the railways safer; for more than 30 years, the innovative Geo-ICT solutions of Geodan make the world a smarter, safer and more sustainable place.

Geodan was established in 1985 by Evert Meijer and Henk Scholten, when the former ‘Geografisch Instituut van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) was abolished. They were the first in Europe to make digital maps available in support of future prospects. 30 years later, Geodan is one of the leading companies in the field of Geographical Information systems (GIS) in the Netherlands and employs roughly 160 people.

Making geographical information available in a way in which it is useful for the user
Simply said, Geodan collects, analyzes and provides data bound to location and time, in a way in which it is useful for the customer and can be used directly. Geodan enables the client to asnwer questions such as: How do we optimize our logistics? How do we make our workflow more efficient? How do we create a smart, safe and pleasant living environment? How do we receive the required data in times of crisis real time?

In this way, Geodan developed an incident management solution in cooperation with Qognify that enables ProRail to manage incidents on and around the train tracks through one intergated information- and communication platform. On the basis of location intelligence and the specific features of the incidient, the most suitable handling scenario is determined real time. With this system, ProRail can react to incident reports 60% faster than before. Through this, incidents and calamities are rectified faster and better.

Another great example is the recently launched Geodan Vergunningchecker. Governments, companies and citizens can receive online direct insight into the feasibility of an initiative through the permit checker. The ckecker opens up approximately 4500 environmental permits of het Rijk, provices, water boards and municipalities.

Want to know more?
Does Geodan speak to you and do you want to make a jump start into GIS? Or are you ready for a next step in your career? Contact us! More information can be found on the website or through René Bruinink, via e-mail or via phone 020 – 5711 311.