A last thing every Earth Science student needs is Earth Scientific Data. There are excellent, free sources of Earth Scientific Data both within the UvA and from the other sources. A good starting point is the UvA Geoportal. This server contains geographically referenced data for almost all UvA EArth Science fieldwork locations and numerous datasets for the Netherlands. It is also continuously updated with GIS tips and tricks. Log in credentials are available to students from the GIS-studio manager (room C4.204). Below, we have compiled a list of additional sources of widely-used Earth Scientific Data. Feel free to contact us with more suggestions for this list. 

What                                                              Link                                   Description

Actueel Hoogbestand Nederland                          Very high resolution LiDAR data of the Netherlands

Nationaal Georegister                        Catalogue of Geographical data of the Netherlands  

PDOK                                                                       Geographical data of the Netherlands

Earth Explorer                                      Global GeoData from the U.S geological Survey, a.o. the ASTER DEM. 

WorldClim                                                             Global Climate Model Data Layers

More GeoData                                            UvA Geoportal Geodata  A very complete list of Geodata Sources from the UvA