On behalf of the Education Board (‘Opleidingscomissie Earth Sciences’/’OCES’) here is some brief info on what the Education Board does and where you can find us. The Education Board consists of three teachers and three students and its main task is to ensure the quality of the Earth Sciences master. This is done by discussing the evaluation forms which you fill in at the end of each course. We then advice the Director of Studies on the possible improvements for courses. If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you want to share you opinion, please feel free to talk to one of our student board members! You can view the evaluations here.

For contact and more information, check out the Canvas page or send an email to

OCES members: Harry Seijmonsbergen (teacher), Erik Cammeraat (teacher), Annemieke Kooijman (teacher), John van Boxel (teacher), Fleur van Langen (student member), Maurits Kruisheer (student member), Judith Kirschner (student member) and Claudia Schwennen (student member).