Welcome to GAOS’ database of jobs, internship and thesis contacts. Here you will find information about career and research possibilities with a short description and contact information. Vacancies are posted on the vacancy page of our website. Please do not hesitate to contact GAOS if you require more information. In addition, do not forget to like our Facebook page so that you are updated on all our important information such as jobs, internships and events. 

Thesis and Literature Review

For Thesis and Literature Review topics and supervisors, the UvA itself has a page for possible options , sorted by research institute: 

By clicking on the links, you will be directed towards the respective websites of these research institutes. From hereon, you will be able to find topics and supervisors for both your literature review and thesis. 


Below you will find a list of several contact persons of companies that offer internships and jobs for Earth Science students and graduates. The website link will lead you to the company’s internship page. 

Company                                                       Contact  

T&A Survey (                  Mark van Gullik (tel. 020-6651368)

IUCN (                                      Lena Euwens (tel. 020-6261732)

WaterNet (    Fadoua Lachkar/Jolijn Camfferman (tel. 020-6083135)

Tauw (                                    Mark de Kuster (tel. 020-6063255)

Natuurmonumenten (Link)                        See Blackboard –> Individual Courses –> Internship

Gemeente Amsterdam (Link)                    Auke Bouwer (tel. 020-5527886)

KNMI (Link)                                                   Jason Williams (tel. 030-2206748)

Aerovision (                Leon Hendriks (tel. 035-6946448 / 06-52457618)

Antea Group (Link)                                     Arnold Wiegersma (tel. 036-5308696 / 06-10930904)