GAOS aims at organizing several study related and fun activities throughout the year. This is done to improve social cohesion between students and between students and companies. Study related activities that can be thought of are company visits, excursions to natural areas and case studies, while fun activities are drinks, sports and the trip abroad. Pictures from older activities can be seen here. For more recent activities pleace visit our Instagram page.

All activies are shared on the GAOS Facebook Page and can be seen in the event calendar. Additionally, GAOS organizes two standard drinks a month: the Research Workshop Drinks and the VrijMiBo.

Research Workshop Drinks

Due to Covid-19 this activity is not possible at the moment.

The master course Research Workshop & Skills Labs is given throughout the year. During this course, a presentation session is hosted once every month, in which students, alumni and other involved people present their research, internship  or other interesting information. After these sessions, GAOS hosts a drink so that everyone can meet up in an informal setting. These drinks are held in the GAOS room (SP A1.118). 

Activities of Partners

Many of our partners also organise fun events throughout the year. To check on their activities, check the links below!

· Click here for activities of the VVFG

· Click here for the activities of EGEA


See our upcoming events on Instagram!