We are proud to welcome you to the lustrum of the Physical Geography / Earth Science programme at the University of Amsterdam and of study association GAOS and alumni-association Lulofs. In November 2017 GAOS will celebrate her 25th birthday, together with alumni association Lulofs. These lustra coincide with the 75th anniversary of the department of Physical Geography at the UvA (now part of the IBED) and the 25th anniversary of its fieldwork and research campaign in Luxembourg. GAOS and Lulofs have joined forces in a lustrum committee and are organising a week of festivities. Within this week a symposium will be held about the background of Physical Geography at the University of Amsterdam and its role in the future. The lustrum will take place during the week of Monday November 13th to Friday November 19th. There will be activities (almost) every day, such as an excursion and a pubquiz. Apart from students and alumni, all staff affiliated to Physical Geography at the UvA, students/staff from other programmes and universities, professionals and others who are interested are cordially invited. 

Update 01/11/2017 
Unfortunately, due to a very low number of registrations, the excursion on the 19th of November will be cancelled. Everyone who registered will be notified and the registration list has been removed. 

Those who want to pick up the GAOS Lustrum Book can do so at the pubquiz, symposium or party (while supply lasts), or drop by at GAOS around lunchtime from the 14th to the 17th of November. 

PUBQUIZ (Tuesday 14 November) 

On Tuesday the 14th we organize a pubquiz (in English) in the evening for everyone in GAOS, Lulofs, IBED and all other Physical Geographers who might be interested. We kindly ask you to form a team yourself (with at least 3 members). If you cannot find a team, you can register without a team and we will try our best to create some last minute teams on the evening itself. The questions will be related to Physical Geography, be it at the UvA or not, and some less serious questions about GAOS & Lulofs history. 

The pubquiz will be held at games cafe “de 2 Klaveren”, de Clercqstraat 136. We will start at 20:00 by gathering the last teams and handing out the answer sheets, and the quiz will commence shortly afterwards. Participation is free, but drinks will have to be bought at the bar. There will be several prizes!

SYMPOSIUM (Thursday 16 November) 

On Thursday the 16th of November we organise a symposium together with Lulofs for the anniversary of the Physical Geography department of the UvA. This all will take place in the Oerknal at the Science Park from 9:30 AM onwards, followed by drinks at about 16:00.. To cover some of the expenses, and to be able to offer you a lunch and a drink, we ask a contribution of €25,. For students of study association GAOS and members of alumni-network Lulofs there will be a discount (GAOS members will pay €5 and Lulofs members pay €10). 

The morning part of the program will cover 75 years of Physical Geography at the UvA, with some familiar faces of the IBED. During the lunch buffet you will get the chance to socialize and meet our sponsors: they will introduce themselves as well. The afternoon will focus on the environment and physical geography of the Amsterdam urban area and its surroundings. Several invited speakers will sketch an image from their expertise on Amsterdam in 2035, on a landscape, urban and ecological level.


PARTY (Friday 17 November)

On Friday the 17th of November, after all the other Lustrum festivities, we will organize a party for all members of GAOS, Lulofs, IBED and all other Physical Geographers who might be interested. You do not need to sign up for the party, but you can follow the event on social media in case you’re interested: Lustrum Facebook

We will start after work time (17:00) in the Brainwave, the bar in the central hall of Science Park. There will be a limited amount of La Chouffe on tap FOR FREE! Afterwards, we can stay at the Brainwave until 22:00 and move into town later.


We hope to see you on one of the events in November, or to hear from you in case you have any ideas, input, comments, etc. Contact us via

Lustrum Committee 2017

Henk Pieter Sterk, Rúna Magnússon, Jasper Steenvoorden & Jim Groot 



For a successful celebration, enthusiasm, input, fun stories and helping hands from our members are of course most crucial. However, some sponsoring never hurts! We are looking for (ex)members who have a professional background through which they could advertise or sponsor the lustrum. In return we can offer numerous possibilities to advertise your business among a group of (young) professionals and students in Earth Science (e.g. distribution of goodies, flyers, posters or banners on events, etc). If you or someone you know (or your boss 😉 ) would be willing to cooperate with us we kindly ask you to contact us. Apart from financial sponsoring we are also interested in fun goodies to hand out during events.